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We're shining a light on grassroots politics and educating the world, community by community. Help us, be the light that you already are. Stand with us!

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Would you consider becoming a part of this story so that within each page there are words that describe your heart, your drive, and your passion. The quotes in this marathon should be your own because it is part of who you are. This movement is larger than any one person and will take all of us to make the conscious decision to stand together. We are asking you to rise with us, on this side of history.

Your donation does not start, nor does it end with a financial offering. We need volunteers who see the direction and can envision themselves fitting within the storyline of change.  We stand for true change, not something that comes in a flash and is gone too quickly. We fight for lasting transformation where human rights are not monikers pasted on billboards but are the words grafted into pavement that will not fade nor will it be wiped away. March with us, protest with us, let the community see the solidarity within its diversity.

Let us rally to inspire all as we endeavor to move forward. Let us be the change that we desire to know. We are one community of the same human race.

DC Protests

DC Protests confronts injustices that disproportionately affect Black and Brown communities.

We're shining a light on grassroots politics, that bring about community awareness. Let's be the change that we need.

Phone: (703) 254-3463


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